Share your keyboard among all your PCs

A straight forward solution.. Working in more than one machine usually is chaotic to deal with more than one mouse and keyboard. This solution is based on open source software. Barrier Barrier is software that mimics the functionality of a… Continue reading

Easy way to transfer ROMs to RetroPie using a Mac

First thing first, your mac should be connected on the same LAN network. Find the IP address of your raspberry pi. The fastest way is using ifconfig or within retropie settings. Second, in finder menu , use “GO” , find… Continue reading

How to work remotely with Visual Studio Code using SSH FS

After trying a bunch of extensions and trying to solve some errors, I found this repository that works fine for me. SSH FS by Kelving Schoofs. Summary Use a remote directory (over SSH) as workspace folder A built-in UI… Continue reading

Best place to find icons and symbols for designers

Struggling to find accurate icons and symbols for your designs. Have a look of the following links, where you could find tons of resources for android and IOS projects. Android Material: Follow the link : IOS – Apple design… Continue reading

Building Covid-19 App using Django and Flutter.

still …in progress… Intro: What we want to build ? At this point in time we would like to interact visually with all the data around the globe with dynamic data. The main idea is to have an interactive representation… Continue reading