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Prototype using Adobe Experience Design CC :

Recently, I have come across with new way for prototype ideas of applications and websites. The Adobe IDE is now in a Beta Version; is free software for download and try. Basically, is a quick way to design and present, visual elements for your app or site. Such task was usually time consuming and difficult to present in optimal way.Usually using with different approaches, such as hand made mock ups or computer aided system (web-based). However, Adobe Experience Design has a complete “framework” for design, prototype and present (share) your design to potential customers.




In addition, if the designer wish to continue with the development, it is possible to export all the assets. Hence, the developers team, could have a guide of the expected layout, the relationship between art-boards, action of each button and objects and all the pre-designed assets.

In general,Imagine a very intuitive tool for Mac and Windows users, that let to design for a variety of devices, for instance: android, iPhone , iPad and tablets. Within record time you will be able to design a professional interface for users, Adobe XD let design , prototype, simulate(on screen and plugged device)  and share online.



Find full documentation and tutorial in the official site:

Mauricio Silva

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