Building Covid-19 App using Django and Flutter.

Sorry …work in progress…


What we want to build ?

At this point in time we would like to interact visually with all the data around the globe with dynamic data. The main idea is to have an interactive representation of the covid-19 pandemia, based on location with some statistics.


The development will have three main steps, first build a the backend using Django and postgreSQL in order to create a rest api. Second, we want to build a web app that shows the data, maps and statistics. And last but not the least, a flutter mobile app that enable users to interact with the data.

The data set:

So far I have found an API for catch an up to date dataset at ; as usual, the response of the server is a JSON file with a bunch of data related to the covid-19 with some interesting variables, very useful to build a visual interface to understand the impact of the pandemia.

"locationId": 965003,
"continentName": "欧洲",
"continentEnglishName": "Europe",
"countryName": "波黑",
"countryEnglishName": null,
"provinceName": "波黑",
"provinceShortName": "波黑",
"provinceEnglishName": null,
"currentConfirmedCount": 13,
"confirmedCount": 13,
"suspectedCount": 0,
"curedCount": 0,
"deadCount": 0,
"cities": null,
"comment": "",
"updateTime": 1584107664310

As you can tell, we have a complete model, related to locations, timestamp, confirmed cases and fatalities. Therefore, it is needed to store the data in function of the timestamp.


Django Back End & Rest API:

Django Front End (Vue.js)


  1. Installing

Follow steps at: /Users/mauriciosilva/OwnFiles/Developer/flutter/core_files/flutter

Update path (Mac OS):


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