Favourite Tools: Color Ideas for prototype

Run out of Prototyping Color Ideas?

As usual at the moment of prototype, for me is really important to find the most accurate colors for different uses and test the best option; regarding the final user, or the nature of the project sometimes is needed monochromatic, triad or even a full palette of colors, for make “flamboyant” design. As follow you will find my favourite tools, hopefully you will find useful in your own way.

The adobe color wheel :


The first approach with this site let you play in different modes, (by the way very well designed, very intuitive). The user in the first place can decide the color rule, such as : Monochromatic, triad, complementary, compound , shades and custom. Then, it is matter of playing trough the thousand of possibilities, choosing the color dragging the selector circles to the desired color. The above algorithm make rest, they manage to show you an entire palette with suggested color based on your decision.At the bottom you can find the hexadecimal color code and the RGB components for each choice.

In addition, they provide a full recommendation of ready to use palette,within the explore tab. A could be filtered by most used or popularity. Definitely, this tool will give an insight o variations and combination of color that you may not consider before.

The most relevant component of the site is the custom mode. The site let the user uploads an image and retrieve the color components in order to have a color patter, as shown in figure below.

There a bunch of similar sites that might be helpful :

Material Ui:


This site is very recommended if you need to find corporative colors such as Facebook or Skype.As well is really easy to copy the hexadecimal color from a wide variety of color given in the palette.

Colour Lovers:


Colour lovers is a community, where people create and share combinations of colors. Quite useful for finding color ideas.

And my final color recommendation is based on a twitter account: “Color per Day” this guys take the color very seriously posting in a daily basis color and fonts. Good option if you run out of ideas for your design: @colorperday.

Thanks for reading, and have fund design positive stuff.


Mauricio Silva

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