Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Hackathon

Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Hackathon !

“Such a Great Experience”

The past July, I have the opportunity to be part of a team ROStek at the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Hackathon of Catapult Transport Systems at Milton Keynes. Dr Thomas Steffen , Rhys Comissiong, Ashton Bowen and myself, built a solution within 24 hours, reagrding on one of the five main topics of the event:

“Build a LUTZ simulation”.

The Main Idea was to build tools that facilitates the design and develop of autonomous vehicles. Hence, we came up with a great idea based on game development engines, robot operative system and internet of things protocols.

The outcome was a model were Unity and ROS (Robotic Operative System), can interact each other.Thus, using IoT protocols for communication,it was possible to generate a loop control that enable the movement of the autonomous vehicle, a appealing simulation environment for autonomous vehicles.

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Mauricio Silva

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