How to work remotely with Visual Studio Code using SSH FS

After trying a bunch of extensions and trying to solve some errors, I found this repository that works fine for me.

SSH FS by Kelving Schoofs.


  • Use a remote directory (over SSH) as workspace folder
  • A built-in UI to add, edit and remove configurations
  • Use agents, including Pageant and OpenSSH on Windows
  • Use private keys (any supported by ssh2-streams, including PuTTY’s PPK)
  • Get prompted for a password/passphrase (plain text password aren’t required)
  • Easily create configurations that reference a PuTTY session/configuration
  • Have multiple SSH (and regular) workspace folders at once
  • Make use of SOCKS 4/5 and HTTP proxies and connection hopping

Just need to update the configuration file with your own credentials.

"sshfs.configs": [
"root": "/home/......", 
"host": "", 
"port": 21098, 
"username": "your_user_name", 
"password": "your_password", 
"name": "name_of_connection" 

Mauricio Silva