Best Mqtt Public Brokers Online for prototype IOT solutions :

Assuming  you came across with this post because your are willing or working on a application based on MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport protocol ) and understand the importance of the broker for an Internet of Things architecture . If not , please have a go reading this overview documentation from IBM ( pdf ).

As follows you will find a very quick reference for some of the brokers I have used for a while, tested and very  reliable. Those are completely free and very approachable for prototype and test your solution. Please be aware of sensitive data you send to public servers.

  1. (port: 1883,8000).
  2. (port: 1883).
  3. (port: 1883,80,443).
  4. (port: 1883) …. not working.
  5. (port: 1883,28443).
  6. (port: 1883).

However if your would like to try your own private  broker , have a look of this post ,  which describes a quick reference for make your raspberry pi a MQTT broker.

Mauricio Silva

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