Mqtt Public Brokers Online:

Assuming  you came across with this post because your are willing or working on a application based on MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport protocol ) and understand the importance of the broker for an Internet of Things architecture . If not , please have a go reading this overview documentation from IBM ( pdf ).

As follows you will find a very quick reference for some of the brokers I have used for a while, tested and very  reliable. Those are completely free and very approachable for prototype and test your solution.

  1. (port 1883).
  2. (port 1883).
  3. (port 1883).
  4. (port 1883).

However if your wourld like to try your own private  broker , have a look of this post ,  which describes a quick reference for make your raspberry pi a MQTT broker.


Mauricio Silva

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