Piot Smart Unit

What is PioT?

PioT is a stand alone unit, capable to send and receive data using a GPRS module.Recommended for wireless customised solutions, that requires, sense, process and communicate data with some other systems and applications.

Why is needed ?

It is so easy to find a wide variety of sensors, actuators and processing devices in the market nowadays.However, the big majority provides limited connectivity such as serial ports, Bluetooth and WiFi.Towards an internet of things application development, is vital to interact machine to machine, sending and receive data, despite the facilities, location or the context.

In the other hand, the possibility to develop a bridge between the data and the network; achievable in a cheap way, where the cost benefit for customer will be tangible.


  • Meteorologic Station:

Usually consultant companies have the necessity to support assessments, gathering data from a variety of sources. This kind of activity might involve sensing data in remote locations, where the connectivity might be limited, there is no need of a user interface and the data will be updated in real time.




  • Tracking Devices

In order to monitor a systems, usually is needed to track subsystems in real time, for instance track delivery trucks, retrieve exact location, speed, temperature.




  • Real time notification and user interaction

Smart cities are intended to be fully communicative and interactive between devices and users, it is vital to empower users to control devices from remote locations, in addition to retrieve pieces of data for display some relevant information.