Prototype your App, easier than ever

Prototype using Adobe Experience Design CC : Recently, I have come across with new way for prototype ideas of applications and websites. The Adobe IDE is now in a Beta Version; is free software for download and try. Basically, is… Continue reading

IoT Protocol : Sample MQTT Client for Arduino

  Quick Reference for connecting Arduino ESP8266 as MQTT Client for an internet of Things Solution:   In first place is needed to understand the basic architecture of MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) . As shown in the figure, the MQTT… Continue reading

Favourite Tools: Color Ideas for prototype

Run out of Prototyping Color Ideas? As usual at the moment of prototype, for me is really important to find the most accurate colors for different uses and test the best option; regarding the final user, or the nature of the… Continue reading

Eclipse open iot challenge 2016

Open Iot Challenge The time is ticking, and the 83 teams (including me), we will be developing a novel solution for smart cities or other application related to the internet of things, using open source technologies (hardware-software).The final submission of the… Continue reading

Get the new environment for Raspberry Pi: PIXEL

PIXEL : Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight Wandering around the Internet of Things subjects, I came upon  with the new environment for Raspberry Pi, that was released last October (2016). Instantly, I wanted to have a go. So this is very… Continue reading