Create your own MQTT Broker for Raspberry Pi

Quick Reference for Install MQTT Broker in your Pi: The following step are intended to install a MQTT Broker in the raspberry pi .I use A Raspberry Pi 2 model B with Wheezy . Time to speak some “Bash” with the… Continue reading

A Glimpse of a New Reality

 A Glimpse of a New Reality Abstract—Perception of reality is a remarkable concept to research deeply when it is linked with new trends on technology. There were some inventions in the last century that models the current development on augmented,… Continue reading

Microsoft Build London 2016 MQTT and Azure

Azure IoT “Azure IoT Hub  enables devices to communicate with the IoT Hub device endpoints using the MQTT v3.1.1 protocol on port 8883. IoT Hub requires all device communication to be secured using TLS/SSL. An device can use the MQTT protocol… Continue reading

What does google think who you are ?

Google Ads Preferences Matter . Have you asked yourself  , what does google think of me? It is quite interesting how your browser track you, based on your behavior. They create a profile based on your gender , age and interests… Continue reading


USER INTERFACE APPROACH  INTRODUCTION Day by day technologies around internet are growing exponentially.  Today , for instance  is possible to chat with someone in the other part of the world in a customisable interface based in holograms trough  hololens by… Continue reading