What does google think who you are ?

Google Ads Preferences Matter .

Have you asked yourself  , what does google think of me?

It is quite interesting how your browser track you, based on your behavior. They create a profile based on your gender , age and interests subject, so far is what they let us know. I bet next time you click on a link you will think twice.

All data the system collects every time you browse and click, will store remarkable information to your profile, ready targeted for adverting. For instance AdWords use the following strategies, for catching more user regarding the location and interest:

  • Remarketing
  • Affinity audiences
  • Custom affinity audiences
  • In-market audiences
  • Similar audiences
  • Demographic and location targeting

Click here if you want to know or change your preferences, have a go : Ads preferences in your account , or visit :



I let you know, what google think of me :google ads
Accurate on gender and age, It seems I like reggaeton (“LOL”) ,instead I do prefer reggae music . What a surprise very geek interests, such as Computers and Electronics, Astronomy and classical Music .google ads

Currently I am finishing university and doing my dissertation, so “career resources and planning”, and “writing resources” are accurate as well .


Have fun guys , find how your browser make your profile for personal marketing, share and subscribe .

Mauricio Silva

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