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SEO for To-Do: Property Maintenance haven’t been deliver on the development of the site. TodoPm is a company based on London UK, with  a variety of services and a massive amount of rival companies offering the similar services for a while ago in the market. The site is well organized and well contextualized. However, the company need to increase the traffic in order to gain more clients and keep running the business.

Current Plans:

Currently the page have been modified gradually to solve problems with speed on desktop and mobile. At the very beginning of the project, google set in red with less than 30 points in both devices .

The figure below shows the current speed test for google insights. It have changed dramatically the performance  with positive feed back of the users.

Beside the improvements on speed there are more changes on the content, titles , url, keywords and tags and founded on SEO best practices and plugins.

Last but not least, the site is full monitored, statistics are playing a very important role at this stage, it will be the blueprint for marketing strategies, such as queries and Geo-location.



Future Plans:

The main target is measure the increment on traffic compared with the starting stage, determine new plans for keep improving the contents. Basically traduce the ranking of the site To-Do : Property Maintenance , the increment followers and likes on social media in customer and profit.

Mauricio Silva

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