Free IoT Mqtt Client: Publisher for Windows 10 devices

Mqtt Client for Windows 10 :

Excellent free to use solution for test your internet of things projects based on MQTT protocol. Very easy to use mqtt client, just choose your topic an play with three different type of variables: plain text, digital input(switch) and analog variable.


Mqtt client screen shoot



The universal windows application can be used in a variety of devices such as raspberry, mobile , tablet or desktop; it has two default brokers :


Also by default the app has three different topics fully editable :

  • /MQTTpublisher/testA
  • /MQTTpublisher/testB
  • /MQTTpublisher/testC

Each section has a trigger for sending the data to the broker, the first one can send plain text or even code such as JSON code, and is triggered with a click of the publish button. The topic B section has for triggers, each digital input will send the value to the mqtt broker “on or off” regarding of the state of the switch (e.g Switch 1 : on  or  Swith4: off).

Topic C section in contrast is fully dynamic, it simulates analog variable of your system (e.g temperature, speed etc), the trigger is given by default when the slide value change, the label besides let the user read with accuracy the exact value of the object.


Download :

download mqtt client windows-store

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