Maximus IoT Summary:

Maximus IoT is a modular system intended to be a ubiquitous smart assistant at home.The mission of “Max”, basically is help people, and optimize process at home.
The first approach is focused on vulnerable population needs, so max modules will deliver special task based on predefined requirements.

Aims and Objectives:

1. Analyze the most critical needs of vulnerable population, in order to support their activities at home.
2. Analyze cutting edge technologies of the internet of thing, as well as new devices

3.Research about ethical and privacy concerns related to internet of things.

4. Based on the final outcome, analyze the pros and cons of the implementation of IoT Solutions.



1. Industry analysts estimate the number of connected devices could be anywhere from 20 billion to 100 billion by 2020.[1]

2. “…We are on the brink of a new industrial revolution. I want the UK to lead it..” [1]
(RT. Hon David Cameron MP).



1.Develop an ubiquitous solution that integrates a variety of modules (services) for specific target.

2.Analyse the Internet of Things (IoT) state of art, focused the latest developments and market trends.

3. Based on academia, compare the advantages and disadvantages of the top IoT home assistant solutions, and analyse the security and ethical issues .

4. Analyse the environmental approach and feasibility of the project implementation.

5.Based on findings and evaluation, describe possible future applications for industry, business and environment.



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