Easy way to transfer ROMs to RetroPie using a Mac

First thing first, your mac should be connected on the same LAN network. Find the IP address of your raspberry pi. The fastest way is using ifconfig or within retropie settings. Second, in finder menu , use “GO” , find… Continue reading

Get the new environment for Raspberry Pi: PIXEL

PIXEL : Pi Improved Xwindows Environment, Lightweight Wandering around the Internet of Things subjects, I came upon  with the new environment for Raspberry Pi, that was released last October (2016). Instantly, I wanted to have a go. So this is very… Continue reading

Create your own MQTT Broker for Raspberry Pi

Quick Reference for Install MQTT Broker in your Pi: The following step are intended to install a MQTT Broker in the raspberry pi .I use A Raspberry Pi 2 model B with Wheezy . Time to speak some “Bash” with the… Continue reading